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The SeeS Environment-module helps you monitor the environmental emissions from your activities. The Environment module provides you with comprehensive information on the environmental emissions of your company from energy use, machinery, land and ship traffic, by object and by type of emission. You can set emission targets and keep track of them. The Environment section also provides information on your company's waters and waste.

Trail in Woods

Energy efficiency indicators in one place

Monitor energy use and emissions with key figures. Set and monitor energy efficiency and emission reduction targets.


Emissions calculation for all sites and types of emissions

Calculate and simulate emissions from energy use, working machinery, vessels and marine traffic based on calculation models developed by VTT. The calculation of emissions from working machinery, vessels and marine traffic includes the following types of emissions:  CO2, N2O, S02, CH4, CO, HC, NOx, PM10 , PM2.5.

Export the data to the Reporting-module to create comprehensive emission reports.

Water and waste

SeeS Environmental-services give you visually and clearly information your company's waters and waste. Export the data to the reporting module for simple environmental reporting to authorities.

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