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WIne Turbines




The Energy services enables the utilization of data flows of real-time and past energy consumption and production. With SeeS Energy Services you can forecast you energy consumption and production. You can plan for rational energy use and simulate energy efficiency opportunities. The energy efficiency of the solutions is improved and thus the cost of energy use is reduced. SeeS can be used to develop more efficient processes, reduce costs and save the environment.

Comprehensive Monitoring of Energy Consumption, Production and Emissions

SeeS enables comprehensive monitoring of energy consumption of all types of energy used by the organization. The software gives you clear graphical information on the consumption, production and emissions of electricity, heat, fuels.

Energy and cost savings and emission reductions as measured by key figures

Use your indicators to monitor your energy consumption. Set goals, track progress, and compare seasonal variations in your energy needs.

Demand-side management by cutting peak power and shifting consumption

Learning predictions allow you to plan and shift your energy usage based on network load or cost.

Real-time tracking enables fast resolution of failure situations

You can monitor your energy consumption and production in real time. Real time tracking enables remote monitoring and rapid detection of failure situations.

Save up to 30% in energy and costs

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