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Smart Energy Environmental System

Intelligence for Managing Energy and Environmental Impacts


Smart Energy Environmental System is a visual management, monitoring and reporting software for intelligent energy consumption monitoring and management.

SeeS software provides comprehensive monitoring of the energy consumption and production of the company or organization, planning rational use of energy and identifying energy saving potentials.

You can also simulate the effects of energy efficiency measures, track emissions, and produce comprehensive, customized reports for your business.


For Comprehensive Use


SeeS is an software for intelligent energy management, monitoring and prevention of environmental emissions. The software is a web-based visual management, monitoring, and reporting tool for enterprise-wide use by executives, energy and environmental experts, financial management, and technical personnel.

For Company Executives

Simulation of the potential for reducing energy costs

Energy and cost savings as well emission reductions as measured by key figures

Environmental responsibility and ecological values

For Technical Personnel

Remote and consumption monitoring

Rapid fault resolution

Illustrative knowledge of the circumstances

Energy- and Environmental Experts

Demand-side management by cutting peak power and shifting consumption

Energy efficiency indicators in one place

Customized comprehensive reports

Emissions calculation for all sites and types of emissions

For Financial Management

Energy cost data for the entire organization per electricity connection and per object

To assist with environmental reporting

Improved energy efficiency reduces carbon dioxide emissions, decrease energy consumption and produces cost savings


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Energy Services

Environmental Services



For Customer needs



We tailor-make the software package for our clients to the exact extent they need. Within the modules, you can select exactly the areas you need and expand as needed.

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Our Standards

SeeS development started in 2017. Our vision is to help our customers meet their ever-changing and ever-increasing environmental, energy efficiency obligations easily and cost-effectively.

Our comprehensive intelligent energy and environmental management software covers all of our customers' needs, from real-time information to environmental reporting and simulation of alternatives - to the extent that the customer needs.


Since its establishment in 2004, our company Satamatieto Ltd has been customer-oriented and continuously developing with the customer. In line with our principles, SeeS is always tailored to the customer's needs. We work as trusted partners to help our clients operate more efficiently and minimize costs.

As of 1.1.2020, Stiia Solutions is responsible for maintaining and developing the SeeS product. 

Stiia Solutions is part of Satamatieto Ltd

SeeS - Team / Stiia Solutions

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